Dog Grooming

Help your dog look and feel great.

At Family Pet Boarding, we offer pet grooming for dogs. Dogs can get dirty and their fur can get matted. We have a terrific groomer who loves to make your pet look, feel and smell its best. A well-groomed pet is a healthier and happier pet!

Our groomer Tracy is a pet care professional who understands that each pet and breed has different grooming requirements. She will be happy to discuss the best ways to achieve a healthy and comfortable coat for your pet.

In addition to maintaining a healthy coat, your pet's hair and nails should be trimmed on a regular basis. Trimming your pet's hair and nails is an important part of a hygiene routine that not only helps your pet stay in top shape, but also contributes to its overall good health.

Our professional groomer offers:

Learn more about our Groomer Tracy!

Tracy lives in Waukesha with her husband, three kids and four dogs. She has volunteered in local shelters, assisted with special behavior training, dog handling, volunteered in rescue/foster programs and has worked in various boarding, daycare and grooming facilities.

Tracy has over six years of grooming experience. She is very compassionate and loves what she does. She takes the time with each of her clients to make sure they get a positive experience and they leave happy. Tracy looks forward to meeting you and your pet!

Grooming appointments are available Monday - Friday.  Call us at (262) 547-8072 to book your dog's grooming appointment. You won’t be disappointed, we promise.

Dog Groomers