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Frequently Asked Questions: Doggie Daycamp

Find answers to our FAQs about Doggie Daycamp here!

What does my dog’s day look like?

Upon arrival, we take your dog outside to go potty and then we set them up in one of our runs. If the weather is nice, they will be able to be outside for the majority of the day. We start playtimes with various groups (big dogs, puppies, small dogs) around 8 am. 15-20 minute playgroups are rotated throughout the morning until 11 am. If your dog get a lunch they will be fed at this time and have the ability to take a short nap till till 1 pm. Playgroups start again at 1 pm and end at 4:30pm.

How often will my dog be in a playgroup?

All daycampers receive at least two playtimes during the day.

How often will my dog be able to go to the bathroom?

All daycampers receive at least three potty breaks during the day.

Where does my dog play?

During colder weather, we play with groups upstairs in our indoor 1,000 square foot room. During nicer weather, we play with groups in one of our outside yards.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We have the largest outside playspaces in the area!
  • Your dog is never put into a crate
  • We limit playgroups to a maximum of 10-15 dogs which are always supervised by at least 2-3 staff members.
  • All of our staff is trained in recognizing dog behavior